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Attorney Karie Casey of our St. Louis office presented a disputed carpal tunnel case to Judge Tilley out of the Cape Girardeau office in Missouri for hearing and the decision was received on May 26, 2015. Briefly, the claimant worked for a temporary agency as a machine operator for a total of 5½ weeks. She was in training for the first four weeks of her 5½ week employment. The claimant also testified to working in her garden, as well as her parents’ garden in the summer following the alleged accident date of April 5, 2012. She testified her parents’ garden was approximately 60’x100’. The plaintiff’s expert was Dr. Bruce Schlafly and the employer and insurer’s expert was Dr. Richard Howard. Electrical studies were negative. Dr. Howard testified he could not render a diagnosis as he could find no objective evidence of an ongoing medical problem. The claimant did undergo right carpal tunnel release. Judge Tilley found Dr. Howard’s opinion regarding occupational disease and medical causation more persuasive than Dr. Schlafly’s opinions. She also found the employee did not meet her burden of proof with respect to the alleged occupational disease of right carpal tunnel arising out of and in the course of her employment with the employer. The claim was therefore denied. No appeal was taken by the claimant’s attorney. (Shirley Springman vs. Productive Staffing, 12-027542)